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This example demonstrates linking a SpecialDates web control to a Basic Date Picker and printing out the contents of the SpecialDates control. One SpecialDates control can be linked to many Basic Date Picker controls using the BasicDatePicker.SpecialDates property. The SpecialDates control holds a collection of SpecialDate objects. A SpecialDate appears bold by default, although can be highly customized using the Style editor or custom DayRender client-side function.

SpecialDate objects can be used to mark items like Appointments or Holidays on the calendar. By default the Text property of the SpecialDate object is applied to the ToolTip attribute of the table cell.

The number of SpecialDate objects within the SpecialDates collection should be kept to a minimum to avoid client-side performance issues. Performace testing is highly recommended and can vary widely depending on quality of client machine.

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SpecialDate objects can be added programatically via the code-behind or through the SpecialDate Collection Editor. It is typical that SpecialDate objects will be created dynamically in the code behind as the Collection Editor requires Date values to be constants. See below: 

SpecialDates Collection Editor

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