Miscellaneous Properties - Basic Date Picker



This sample demonstrates using the following Properties:

  • NullDateText: When the date picker first loads the SelectedDate property is not set. The NullDateText can be set to display a message in the TextBox before a date is selected.
  • ShowWeekNumbers: In Cultures where the FirstDayOfWeek is Sunday, week numbers can be displayed next to the calendar.
  • CustomDateFormat: The default date format was changed to custom format.
  • ShowNoneButton: The 'None' button was turned off to help prevent a Null date being passed.
  • ShowDaysInPrevMonth: The days in the previous month are not displayed.
  • ShowDaysInNextMonth: The days in the next month are not displayed.
  • FootNoteText: A custom message and information balloon is set from the code-behind.

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