Basic Date Picker™packed with easy-to-use, professional features. Implement an incredible range of date selector options quickly without using popup windows.

We Don't call it "Quicker" for Nothing.

Highly optimized JavaScript and global styling with Cascading Stylesheets provide for a better looking, user friendly and faster calendar.

The Quicker Picker

BDPLite - Free date picker control

"It's lighter, It's Quicker,
It's the new Date Picker."

A painless replacement for the typical Microsoft© Calendar control. Your user's will love you.

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Special Dates

Add appointments and mark special dates on the calendar. Mouse-over and preview the highlighted appointment.

JavaScript API : DayRender

Our latest release gives you ulitmate control over the content and formatting of each day cell. Similar to the Microsoft© Calendar control, but it's client-side.

DateTime objects

Accepts and returns a DateTime object, eliminating the need to constantly convert to and from Strings.

Enhanced User Experience

A highly customizable and quick loading, calendar that enables rapid and error free date selection without the use of popups.

Custom Date Formats

You can create fully customizable date formats with ease using industry standardized format specifiers. Any combination that includes a month, day, and year is valid.

Cross browser support

Supports all of today’s major browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux, degrading gracefully when viewed in older browsers.

Globalization is a breeze

Create fully Globalized applications with Culture specific Date Formats, Month and Day labels.

Visual Studio Integration

Full Visual Studio 2010, 2008, 2005 & 2003 design time integration. Point-and-click configuration means you customize your control without needing to write extensive code.

Custom Date Validators included

Ease the pain of validation with our comprehensive selection of validators which integrate seamlessly with ASP.NET’s built-in validation framework.

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