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SpecialDate Properties

The properties of the SpecialDate class are listed below. For a complete list of SpecialDate class members, see the SpecialDate Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

ClientSpecialDateClickFunction Gets or sets the client special date click function that will be fired when user selects this SpecialDate.
Date Gets or sets the DateTime value of the SpecialDate.
IsTrackingViewState Gets a value indicating whether ViewState tracking is taking place.
Selectable Gets or sets a value indicating whether this SpecialDate is selectable.
Style Gets a collection of text attributes that will be rendered as a style attribute on the outer tag of the Web server control.
Text Gets or sets the text value.
Value Gets or sets the value. Can be used to pass an Id of the SpecialDate object.

Protected Instance Properties

ViewState Gets the state of the view.

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