Basic Date Picker Documentation

DatePickerDisplayType Enumeration

Determines how the combination of controls will be displayed.

[Visual Basic]
Public Enum DatePickerDisplayType
public enum DatePickerDisplayType


Member Name Description
TextBoxAndButton TextBox and Button.
TextBoxAndHyperLink TextBox and Hyperlink.
TextBoxAndImage TextBox and Image.
TextBox TextBox only. See also OpenCalendarOnTextBoxFocus.
LabelAndButton Lable and Button.
LabelAndHyperLink Label and HyperLink.
LabelAndImage Label and Image.
Label Label only.
Button Button only.
HyperLink HyperLink only.
Image Image only.


Namespace: BasicFrame.WebControls

Assembly: BasicFrame.WebControls.BasicDatePicker (in BasicFrame.WebControls.BasicDatePicker.dll)

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