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BasicDatePicker.LicenseKey Property

Gets or sets the license key. Please visit to purchase key.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property LicenseKey As String
public string LicenseKey {get; set;}

Property Value


The BasicDatePicker web control will work without restriction for the purposes of evaluation and testing when accessed by http://localhost or local address. For any locations other than http://localhost or the SOFTWARE will display the message, "This Control is Unlicensed" with a "Buy License" link. If you wish to remove this message you are required to purchase a Domain, Developer, Team or Enterprise License; otherwise you must leave this message intact and not attempt to modify it in any way.

Note   If you see an "Unlicensed" message when the DatePicker is rendered to the Browser, you need a valid LicenseKey to remove.


The following example demonstates how to set the LicenseKey property for an individual instance of the DatePikcer.

BasicDatePicker.LicenseKey = "***Add LicenseKey HERE ***";
The LicenseKey can also be set application wide by adding a appSettings Key to the web.config appSettings node.
    <add key="BasicDatePickerLicenseKey" value="***Add LicenseKey HERE ***" />

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