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BDPLite.ResourcePath Property

Gets or sets prefix of the Url path for each required resource. The required resources include BDPLite.js, BDPLite.css, button.gif, arrow_left.gif and arrow_right.gif.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property ResourcePath As String
public string ResourcePath {get; set;}

Property Value

A String object that represents the folder or file path to the required resources.. The default value is "/resources/".


Use the ResourcePath property to change the location of the resource files from the default "aspnet_client/..." directory. The following table lists possible examples.

Path Type Example
Virtual Root ResourcePath = "/DatePicker/"
Application Root ResourcePath = "~/DatePicker/"
Relative Path ResourcePath = "../DatePicker/"
Absolute ResourcePath = "DatePicker/"

Note   All the required files must be in the same directory.


[Design Mode] The following example demonstrates how to set a custom ResourcePath to point to the Application Root instead of the default /aspnet_client/ directory.

<%@ Page %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="bdp" Namespace="BasicFrame.WebControls" Assembly="BasicFrame.WebControls.BasicDatePicker" %>
    <title>BDP Lite ResourcePath Example</title>
     <form runat="server">
         <h3>BDP Lite SelectedDate Example</h3>
         <bdp:BDPLite ID="BDPLite1" runat="server" ResourcePath="~/DatePicker/"></bdp:BDPLite>

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